4 Amazing Foundations That Actually Work For Oily Skin

Like most things, oily skin has its pros and cons. Pro: fewer wrinkles. Con: foundation dripping off of your skin halfway through the day.

If you’ve ever glanced in a mirror mid-day and noticed a shiny coat forming along your t-zone and chin where your matte, complexion-evening foundation should be, it might be time to upgrade your foundation.
The best foundations for oily skin fight shine instead of adding to it. In fact, choosing a foundation that is tailored to your skin type can help improve the look of your skin even after you take your makeup off. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to begin.
That is why I have made a list of the best foundations for oily skin.

Clinique Even Better Foundation: Provide a fantastic and inexpensive option for someone who wants great skin

My oily skin prefers powder foundations and, in the past few years, only a few new liquid foundations have seriously impressed me: one of these is Clinique Even Better Foundation. This amazing product provides a fantastic and inexpensive option for someone who wants great skin. Clinique Even Better Foundation is a new way to get luminous coverage for youthful, radiant looking skin.

I always have problems trying to find a perfect match but this is brilliant. For me, this foundation absolutely lives up to all of its claims. Not only does it make my skin’s texture look smoother, but it also evens out the redness, plumps up my fine lines and minimizes my pores. And on top of all that, it lasts all day on my face, despite the fact that I have very oily skin.

I like this foundation, and I think that if you can find a shade that works for you, you might enjoy it as well.

Yesterday I saw that now we have the option to get some samples before buying it, so this is a great chance to see if this foundation is OK for your skin. So if you are curious to test Clinique Even Better Foundation and get some samples, I recommend you to check this website. You should receive the product in a few days. It’s easy and worth trying this.


Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation: It works well for those with normal/combination/oily skin

This is one of my holy grail foundations – beautiful application and finish. The biggest positive of this product is its longevity: literally from morning until night, with no, if not minimal, touch-ups. This foundation is awesome, it feels like silk on my skin and you can build the coverage.

Also, it works well for those with normal/combination/oily skin. Overall, I really like this product and have used it for over a year and love it.

If you have acne-prone skin, use Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation: Is the answer to all your excess oil beauty woes

This foundation for oily skin is packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and green tea leaf extracts that moisturize the skin while providing precious antioxidants to your pores.

According to Marie Claire magazine, Laura Mercier’s new Oil Free Supreme Foundation is the answer to all your excess oil beauty woes.

As the name suggests, this lightweight foundation is free of any oils and is guaranteed to last all day. Let me know what you think in the comments below if you have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are.

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless) 

I am very impressed by this foundation because it isn’t runny or too dense; so it blends with perfection with fingers, brush or sponge. If you are in a rush and want to save on product and time, blend with fingers. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish. I like very much that it covers most of the blemishes and redness.

Fit Me is the perfect option if you need a foundation that’s easy to wear and can resist on your face. But, first I suggest you find the shade that fits your skin tone. In this case, you need to try some samples.

Maybelline lets you try Fit Me foundation samples at home before you commit to buying anything.

So, don’t lose the opportunity to get some sample. But remember, this offer is available only this week!

Oily skin is definitely a worry. If not taken care of properly, it can lead to acne and constant breakouts. But with the list of foundations I have compiled above, I hope you can find a perfect foundation for your skin.

We can’t have oily skin be an obstacle to success now, can we?

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