Whiten your teeth at home in 3 minutes

You teeth are far away to look like white pearls? There is no need to empty your wallet for whiten treatments from the market of whiten procedure at dentist. You can use the nature in your advantage and prepare a homemade recipe to whiten your teeth at home.

In this article I will show you a miracle remedy to whiten your teeth at home in only 3 minutes. If you desire white teeth, a visit at dentist for this kind of procedure is very expensive and not everybody afford it. This recipe is made with natural and cheap ingredients and the results will be effective.

I use this procedure and I maintain my teeth white all the time. Find out the ingredients for this homemade recipe to whiten your teeth at home.


– juice from half lemon

– 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Procedure: Squeeze half a lemon. Mix the lemon juice with baking soda. Soak your toothbrush in the obtained mixture and wash your teeth with it. Repeat the procedure one time per week. You will notice amazing results.

Lemon has many benefits for out teeth: If you have a teeth pain, and apply lemon juice on the affected areas, the pain diminishes. The massage with lemon juice stops gums bleeding and eliminate the unpleasant smell. Also, lemon has antibacterial proprieties and whitening proprieties.

Baking soda behaves like a scrub for your teeth. It cleans them, and removes the impurities from the enamel. It is not recommended to use it too often. I recommend to use it on time per week. If you use it too often you risk to destroy your enamel.


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I am pretty damn obsessed with keeping my teeth as bright and white as possible. And in my quest for pearly whites, I’ve tried pretty much every kind and brand of teeth whitening product on the market. These days, there are so many teeth whitening products on the market that the very idea of brightening your smile can become more overwhelming than exciting. Should you invest in teeth whitening kits or trays? Toothpaste or gel? Strips or pens? Well, not all these products are good, so you need to find the best product for you.

For me, DentaBright Pro works better than anything I’ve tried. And I’ve tried everything! This is a home-based teeth whitening kit available in the market. I like this because I can have whiter teeth by just a simple and easy to use procedure. Moreover, this do-it-yourself project saves your time as well money on expensive professional teeth whitening procedures.

This product contains whitening gel, which is formulated with hydrogen peroxide, peppermint oil, glycerin in composition with carbomer, sodium hydroxide. All these ingredients play a vital role to make this unique solution effective. Thanks to them, my teeth are white and healthy always.

I also love that DentaBright Pro Kit comes with all the required things that are needed for an everlasting smile. Also, the kit can be used anywhere.

No messy syringes or trays to carry around and clean up.  This product is a convenient and affordable way to whiten your smile. You get professional teeth whitening results at home without splurging on costly dentist visits.

Maybe you don’t believe me, but I was like you at first. Let’s say I was reserved. But after 2 days of using this product, I saw the changes straight away.

I wrote about Denta Bright Pro Kit because I saw that it has a special offer: 75% off and free shipping. Today I repurchased it and I said that maybe are people that want this product, and this offer is welcome for them. For me it is.

If you want to have a beautiful smile, DentaBright Pro Kit can be purchased at a special price from here. This kit is now only: $49.95. And, the best thing: You save $109. But, hurry up if you want it because the offer is available only today.

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Essentially you save a lot of money. Super cheap, when compared to professional teeth whitening treatments at the dentist. Take advantage of this offer and make your teeth whiter in a couple of minutes.

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